Choose Not To Focus On The Past And Move On!

Lots of people are scammed for more than I have, and there is a whole community of folks who seem to enjoy  money on gambling, over, and over again.

There is no comparison feeling of another human being purposefully taking what is yours. I know that feeling, and I’ve blown money on things that were bad ideas, poor investments, or just plain stupid ways to use money.

Don’t give the thieves the pleasures of knowing you suffered from this. Be determined to learn from what happened so the next scammers are not able to take your money, but also for your own sanity, choose not to focus on the past.

It happened, and life goes on, move forward and refuse to let their selfish, immature and cruel nature deprive you of enjoying life fully. They took your money , don’t let them take your peace and joy in life.

Learn from it. EVERY conflict is a learning opportunity. Make sure you study the scam and be more prepared for the next time someone tries to get you. See the early signs, learn to ask good questions. There’s a lot of this scum bags out there. Learn how to identify them and prevent their efforts.

Grow from it.  See how we are all connected.  The thieves and the scam and the value of money and every aspect of this event in your life is connected.  Learn to see all the connections and what you may see today that you couldn’t see before:  how choices have consequences,  how one side of society affects the other,  how money is a necessary tool in life, and can be used in good ways and really bad, and  how we treat each other matters.

Ultimately, life is a wild adventure that we either dislike and hide from risk and failure, or we discover that to live on the open road of life means exposure to all varieties of risks, dangers and chance.  If you focus on the pain, the hurt, the unjust or the unfair, it will suck.  But if you see every hazard, every conflict, hard climb, fall and loss as integral to your journey, your learning, and your growing, then it is OK.  Of course, you wish it wouldn’t have happened, but I truly believe that the opportunity to learn and grow from it will prove far more valuable than the loss you experienced.

Sorry to say it, move on with life, forgive yourself fully, learn, grow and keep fighting the good fight.