The Adventures Begin!

Most Filipino’s are known to be business minded people. Whatever size the business is, be it a small enterprise, big company, or even online business, it is a fact that each one faces a lot of challenges.

One of these challenges is how to implement inexpensive yet effective marketing strategies to make their business more competitive or at least be known.

I’m a full-time affiliate marketer for a while now, and I was blown away when I was introduced to a system called APS – Ascending Profit System. This newly launched system has everything you need to start an online business, newbie or veteran.

At the beginning, you will be doing the 10 step training with 1 on 1 coach to get you started. I am privileged to have as my personal coach Mau Magallanes, one of the top earners in the program. Your coach will ask you a series of questions just to find out what you know and your experience. That is pretty cool and it gets better!

If you are a newbie or thinking about starting your own online business, I highly suggest and recommend to join this program. Everything you’ll need will be provided, from training, personal coach, tools, FREE websites, capture pages, contents and more…

And all you have to do is send traffic into your business, they will even close the deal for you. AND THAT’S IT!

The system was created by Eduard Reformina.

A program exclusively for Filipino’s worldwide, the main goal here is to help and educate the online marketers to be more successful than be dealing with struggles. Don’t get me wrong. In this program you will find out where your limits are, I mean you will be doing some work and it teaches you to have the right mindset, right approach, right way of promoting your offer, and clarify your GOAL in life.


The good news is, this could well happen to you.

“GUARANTEE You Will Make Money Using This System In 45 Days, or We Will Pay You P5,000.00 Pesos For Just Trying Out Our System.” 

Now that’s a pretty strong statement to say to any of your prospect that has little concern or are skeptical about the system if it really works. One thing I know for sure, this is a win-win system that will change your life and change the way you do your business.

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Blog, Blogging, Blogger


How to determine if blogging is right for you?

Before you start a blog, it is important to determine if blogging is right for you to ensure your blogging experience will be successful.

Blogging requires a large time commitment and a great deal of hard work. Blogging doesn’t stop after you write and publish a blog post. Instead, it requires promotion, visiting, and reading other blogs and websites, staying what’s trending or new and issues related to your blog topic and more.

Most of your blogging activities will occur online. To be successful blogger, you must enjoy reading, researching, spending time on your computer and surfing the web. There isn’t just one single secret to a wonderful blog that will create the most popular website in your niche, product, or service.

You can’t just focus on content or design of your pages, or put all your effort toward a fantastic header image or a particular style of writing. As fun as it may seem to write about your favorite pair of shoes or vacation spot, you have to keep in mind that the most interesting topics are usually the easiest to bring life to successful blogs.

However, this does not mean that your subject or expertise in uninteresting. It’s simply something to think about when picking a good topic to blog about. With enough effort, probably any topic could be blogged about successfully.

The more people who are interested in what you write about, the more people who will search for information on that topic and reach your blog.

Always show passion for your subject. From a reader’s standpoint, a blogger’s passion really does show through the text or writing. While it is true that as a blogger you must write your blog’s subject a lot, and the writing is nonstop. If you don’t love your business enough to stick to it always, your traffic and attention from readers may diminish.
It’s pretty boring to read a blog that’s clearly written from someone who isn’t speaking from their heart.

Put all you have into your blog, even if it takes time, and readers will appreciate it. A blog that’s considered successful is one that updates frequently. This gives the writer plenty of opportunities to provide fresh, unique content.

Are you promoting your business? are you trying to establish yourself as an expert in your field? Or are you simply blogging for fun to share your ideas or opinion? Think ahead what you’d like to gain from your blog in six months, one year and three years. Then design, write and market your blog to meet those GOALS.

Blogging is one of the simplest way to join the online community group.

Know your audience. Your blogs deign and content should reflect the expectations of your audience. Your blog is your brand. Blog is about value information, your thought, opinion, and most importantly value. (And don’t forget to put call to action button or link after your blog if you’re blogging to promote your business. Most audiences look for solution to their problems and if your blog contain a piece of advice they read in your blog, they become a customer.

Benefits of Blogging

A blog is additional tool that is not only capable of reaching new customers, but also built dynamic community which exchanges information, solutions, reviews and opinion about your business or products. Using blog as a chance to reach new customers, and to present a new business face to your existing customers.

The personal nature of blogging, and the ability to generate online conversations and interactions, allows a business to develop and project a personality, or specific traits, such as being innovative, or focused on customer service.

Now, The Question Is...
Do You Consider Yourself A Blogger?
Be Curious About Blogging, You Might Find Yourself Being Good At It!

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Ascending Profit System

Here’s a complete system for us Filipino’s that we can use  to start our own profitable online business. Without a doubt this system really work for veterans or newbies who are just starting.

Many have already succeeded using it and created a comfortable lives. There is no secret in this phenomenal system, all you need to do is bring traffic into your business, let the video explain it (just like the one above), our top business representative will closed the sales for you, and that’s it!

Many are still skeptical and I don’t blame them. But you see this is NOT one of those online business that sounds too good to be true, Who are just after your money and be left out in the dark not knowing what to do next. I’m telling you, once you join us you better be ready to learn while you earn.

This is serious business and we don’t take anything lightly. We will teach you everything you need to learn, use all the tools in the system to make sure you make money in your first 45 days or we will pay you P5,000 cash for just trying our system. Now that is a GUARANTEE you will never hear from anywhere else.

Let me ask you some question:

  •  Are you living paycheck to paycheck?
    Working long hours just to meet ends?
    Do you want a better life for yourself and your family?
    Are you coachable?
    Or you just want to stay where you are right now and
    be broke the rest of your life?

This is NO Hype, NOT a Scam by a long shot!

 A complete system with…

  • Ready Made Websites
    Ready Made sales Videos
    Ready Made Contents
    Done For You System
    1 On 1 Coaching
    10 Steps Training

This is a NO brainer, the choice is yours if you want to just stay where you are right now and be broke all your life, OR TAKE ACTION NOW and give what yourself and your family deserve, FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

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Achieve Your Dream

Every year most of us create our New Year Resolutions, and most of us fail to achieve our resolutions because unless we establish a clear and precise picture of who we want to be or where we want to be it will never pass that failure.

  • DREAM IT – Everything begins in the heart and mind. Dare to dream and believe it is possible. Take sometime to ask yourself “what if?” Always think big. You want to be a dreamer, dream of the possibilities for yourself, your family, and for others. Life is too short not to dream BIG!
  • PICTURE YOUR FUTURE – Anyone who’s achieved anything in life started with vision. Create a picture of who you are becoming and not today. Think of who you want to be and what you want to do, and imagine how it would feel. Snap that photograph of yourself according to your vision.
  • BELIEVE IT – Yes your dream needs to be big, it needs to be something that’s beyond your capabilities. You must be able to say that if certain things take place, if others help, if you work hard enough, though it is a big dream, it still can be done.
  • PLAN IT –  Every dream must take a form of a plan. Your dream won’t just happen, you need to sit down on a regular basis and plan out your strategies for achieving the dream. Think through all of the details, break the whole plan down into small workable plans. Then set the time frame for accomplishing each task of your dream plan.
  • WORK IT – Unfortunately the successful are usually the hardest workers, while the rest of the world is sitting on their sofas watching reruns on television. Achievers are working on their goal, achieving their dreams. If you work on it each day, eventually you will achieve your dream.

Let’s Keep It Real!

Let’s face it, there is a lot of people struggling on their online business, because: They are new, joined the wrong program and crowd. There’s a whole bunch of people out there that will promise you’ll become a millionaire in a finger snap without even working. The bad news is, online business doesn’t work that way. You need to put in time and effort learn system and so on.

Set Your Goal

You need a target to aim for, and even if you don’t hit it, at least you can measure how far you were off. The more specific your goals, the better of an idea you’ll have of how to achieve them.

Here’s few notes I made maybe that can help you:

Make A Plan. 

Now that you know what you’re aiming for, you need to set out the steps to do it. Again, this will help with analyzing what went right and what went wrong, as well as how to do better next time. Most people won’t succeed on the first try, but planning things out can increase your chances of success on the 2nd try.

Take Action. 

If you don’t do anything and be consistent you won’t make money, that’s a fact. Knowing how to start a profitable online business won’t make you any money. A poorly maintained attempt at a business that makes only $5 a month is better than doing nothing.

Learn From Your Mentor

 Mentor is someone that will show you the way will make the difference. No one is perfect but with the mentor it makes learning much easier. You can always do different thing your way at a later time. Business mentor can act as a confidant in times of stress, confuse or just lost.

Learn From Your Mistake 

It’s not likely to make money on your first run. The most successful marketers out there always test, tweaks, and make adjustments. Keep what works and get rid off that doesn’t. This is how you built income from $25 to $150 a day.


Making money with social media does not have to be difficult, but there is always work involved. Here’s the good news: The more information you have about how to streamline the process, the easier it becomes to get those high value impressions to turn over revenue quickly and consistent.


Facebook alone currently hosts 1.5 billion profiles and growing. 70% of people across all major demographics use it. and 41% of total Americans check Facebook on a daily basis. Add in Instagram there’s 400 millions users.Your path to online profitability will have unique twists and turns. However, there are some overarching themes that you can count on. Let’s take a look at some of the things that everyone who makes social media profitable always seems to do. 1) BUILDING PERSONAL TRUST. People buy from people they trust. Although social media separates us physically more than ever, people still expect more personalized service than ever. High percentage of people fully expect an answer from a company on social media in 60 minutes if they complain to that company. One  of the quickest ways to built personal trust is to create a video imagery around your brand. one of the best place to do this is on YouTube, although many brands are building themselves on Vines, Instagram and even Snapchat. The secrets is to first determine where your target audience is most likely to find you. Snapchat is more conductive to teenagers; Instagram is the place for suburban Millennials, and YouTube is great for Gen Y and Gen X if you need them. “Before they buy from you, they need to know who you are.”


The #1 mistake that people make when they are starting their business…

MINDSET – Thinking it’s going to be easy owning and running their business, you’re wrong, it’s hard; but it’s worth it.

Most people think there is an easy button you can push or a magic pill that you can swallow and all of a sudden you wake up and everything is amazing,  that is not how it works.

Entrepreneurship and an online business is hard, there is a naivety involve. You will actually have to work more hours in the beginning of your journey before it gets better. It will take time for people to know you and your business is all about, trust your instinct who you hang-around with.

You need to know your passion, things you like to do, what drives you, and where to start. Find someone that is in the business for quit sometime, whose willing to help and guide you.

Can Anyone Be An Entrepreneur?

My answer is NO!

Not everyone has the metal that is required to be a business owner, to be able to become an entrepreneur. When it comes to living your life you have to know what it is that makes you happy. If the security, stability is one of those comfort and the things that make you happy? Don’t get into business. Because business is full of uncertain, change and chaos. In order to grow your business, there are so many lessons that need to be learned and in order to learn those lessons, so many things have to go wrong to bring your attention to what needs to be learned. So the truth is not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur and that’s okay. Make a decision for yourself, find a job that you love and add value to someone else’s enterprise, it might be the best thing you could possibly do.




Responsibility and EXTREME OWNERSHIP don’t even fall in the same category.

One of the hardest things to teach anyone is EXTREME OWNERSHIP. EXTREME OWNERSHIP is about owning every single ripple in the pond that comes from the pebbles that you drop. Very rarely do people want to accept responsibilities for the things that are going wrong, and very often they want to accept responsibility for the things that are going right. The truth is, the power is in accepting responsibility across the board, and most people called it EXTREME OWNERSHIP. Because if there’s any part of your business right now that isn’t working, and you’re blaming anyone else except for you, you are not getting the lesson. Everything is your fault.

OWNERSHIP and EXTREME OWNERSHIP are not even in the same category.

OWNERSHIP is someone who takes responsibility for their own action.

EXTREME OWNERSHIP  is someone who takes responsibility for their team action, whose willing to take the fault for not doing their job and want to apologize.

But the challenge is that most people want to blame everyone else with made up excuses for not to blame them self. You need to learn how to accept extreme levels of responsibility in every single area of your life.

When you energized  and inspire people around is called…                                              EXTREME OWNERSHIP!


–  Kerwin Rae


REJECTION – is something we all have to deal with and some of us deal with it better than others.

This is require in order for you to grow. you need
to learn how to manage your emotional response when
you are rejected or you are potentially being rejected.
Most people fear the prospect of being rejected from
another human being. But that fear, we need to
understand is a choice and that choice is a result
of the meaning that we create base on the potential
for rejection.

REJECTION means that you are getting one step closer
to where it is you want to go. so now rather than
you being afraid of rejection, you actually need to
embrace it because it will get you where you want
to go.


3 Levels Of Connections

there are 3 levels of connections that drive our ability to success in life.

In order for you to deliver a very good value,  you’ve got to connect.

1) YOURSELF – You need to learn how to
connect with yourself. The key to connect
with yourself is “AWARENESS”

2) OTHERS  – The key to connect with “others”
is non-judgement. Judgement is nothing more
than opinion of facts and most of it
is personality driven. In most cases when
you are pissed off, you are just demonstrating
what you really hate. Different expressions.

3) SOURCE  – The key is to surrender. Surrender
is not about giving up it’s about letting go.
Letting go of how you think things should be,
allow things to flow rather than forcing them
into a position. There is so much power in
surrender, who wouldn’t mind literally being
guided through everyday and every decision
in every moment where you knew exactly what
to do regardless of the context, then let it go.
People have their own mind and just keep on
taking the wrong turns.

…But when we can connect with ourselves, others, and source…
…we become very influential.

Do You Know?

What Are Advertising Revenue Sharing Sites?

Advertising revenue sharing sites offer advertising as it’s product and it allows members to purchase advertising packs which are also your company shares therefore allowing you to earn from all the revenues or sales that the company received.

Most advertising revenue sites are sharing 100% of it’s sales divided to all the active shares that the site currently have. It assigns an expiry amount (let’s say 120%) then your advertising packs will stop earning. The revenue sharing industry right now is booming because of how you quickly earn money. If you suck at recruiting, this kind of program is for you, it would be a nice income addition with the affiliate commissions they offer.

The concept is so easy that even those who have no technical skills or background on internet marketing experience are making lots of money on this. Just purchase adpacks, click certain amount of ads daily in order to qualify then watch as your earnings grow. It’s That Easy! The benefits are awesome too. You advertise whatever legitimate online business You may have and at the same time you are earning money automatically through revenue shares and most are every hour.


Set some standards in any company  for consideration to be included in the roster of recommended advertising revenue sharing sites.


The admin/owner must be present at least with a “real” or active Facebook page account and are answering queries or issuing updates with team leaders and members using this particular social media outlet. Also sharing his plans and that with his interactions you can sense his sincerity or a long-term commitment with the program.

Features/Benefits/Compensation Plans/layer of security

This mean even if you know that this is a young industry, there must be some improvements every time a new player or company joins the game. There should be a feature that prevents over saturation or payment processor problems which are major issues with companies that are into this type of business earlier.


The business must be convenient to use. Easy to deposit and withdraw the money from the system . There are numbers of advertising revenue sharing sites that have a very good plan but people are not signing up Because of limited payment processors. In other words, you might have the best site and offer But without the right payment processors accessible  you’ll be out of business in no time.


You can join in these programs for free, but it would only be worth your while if you either buy a number of shares or you can recruit people so that you use your earned commissions to grow your business. For most, if not all, of us need to put money in this program. Putting money is the usual strategy most smart marketers do and they win all the time. Of course you can always modify with your appetite for risks! Decide first how much money you want to put in with a particular program, then do repurchase all your earnings to grow your number of shares and just let it roll for 30 days!

Then after that time frame, you will withdraw all your earnings until you recover your seed money.  After recovering the seed money, switch back to full repurchase shares mode until achieving the number of shares that can be the approximate target daily earnings for that program. Decide the proportion where you can withdraw and at the same time slowly increase the number of shares that you have. This STRATEGY will always works and you will come out as a consistent WINNER!


I can honestly say that revshare programs are one of the easiest and guaranteed ways for you to make money online. But it doesn’t mean that you sign up and do nothing.  You have to at least purchase enough number of shares or have people join under you or both. In this type of industry you need to gain traction in order to maximize your earning potential. Spot a leader or someone who is a full time internet marketer. Experienced leaders in your admin can attract fellow leaders that can very well add to the momentum and therefore produce more earnings.