What’s Your Ideal Day?

Do you know the difference between winners and losers?

Winners know who they are. They know where they are coming from, and they know where they are going. That’s called direction. They have a clear goal.

Losers, on the other hand, say “Oh what I could have been if only I had the chance.”…Yet when you ask them what they want, they will clearly tell you, “more money.”

Ask them what they would do with that money and they don’t even know.

The thing is, you need to stay focused on what you want. You have to continually remind yourself of that, otherwise, you will be going in all directions off course.

There are a lot of DISTRACTIONS out there:

  • The News.
  • Bright Shiny Objects, full of promises you’ll be a millionaire next month.
  • Facebook…Yup!
  • Your Cell Phone…Yup Again!
  • People telling you that your business is a SCAM!

You need to learn how to get that out of your “Ideal Day.” 

Here’s how to create an ideal day if you haven’t created one.

First, you need to know exactly what it is that you really want. If you want success, you have to stay on the success path.

Seriously, this is the important part. Take 10 minutes and go write it down the things that you really want to achieve.

If you can’t take 10 minutes to dream about what you want, that’s an indication that you’re too busy to be free and have the freedom.

Here, I’ll help you get started:

  • If you didn’t have a boss ________
  • If you didn’t have to go to a job everyday _______
  • If you didn’t need to work to pay for your bills because they are already covered _______

You get the idea now?

What would you do?

What would that day look for you?

Maybe you’ll wake up in the morning go to the gym and then go out for a fancy breakfast. Then you go to a local spa to get a full body massage, go to lunch after and you still have the whole afternoon to play some golf. Then go and treat your whole family to a nice dinner somewhere in Manila

How would that sound and feel?…Ang sarap di ba?


Now, pin that list up where you can see it every day. More importantly, you must read it every day.  Whenever you feel down and quitting, look at your piece of paper and ask yourself, “Will this take me closer to my ideal day?”

If not…well, then you know what to do.

The way you strengthen your purpose is to create that clear image of your “Ideal Day.”

To Your Success

Benny Molinas | Unity Net Business Coach

P.S. Take this seriously and spend the time writing it down.

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How To Track Your Results?

Maraming lumalabas na mga online business opportunity ngayon, kaya naman yung mga baguhan (newbies) sa online business industry kung ano lang yung merong magandang shinny objects join na agad. Hindi na nila nire-research kung ano bang klaseng business meron ito. Walang idea kung ito ba yung hinahanap na businessna hinahanap nila, kasi nga FREE to join.

Nakalipas na ang isang buwan pero wala pa ring nagyayare at wala pa ring kinikita. Frustrated, galit ka na kasi wala pa ring result, at parang walang pumapansin sa mga promotion na pino-post mo sa social media. Pag check ng bank account, walang laman, pagtingin sa business back office ni isang lead wala rin. Pano naPano na ito kuya Eddie? Magde-dear ms. Charo na ba tayo?

STOP focusing on your RESULT!

A result is a result of your habit, the habit you have in your life. Sabihin natin mula nung nag join ka sa buisness mo syempre you’re spending more time and money na,you neglected your spouse, children, naging mean ka, nawala yung gratitude, kaya ngayon ang realtionship mo sa pamilya mo ay hindi na maganda. This is the RESULT of neglect, non-appreciation, arguing and being mean. This is the RESULT of neglect, non-appreciation, arguing and being mean.

All those are the RESULTS OF YOUR HABIT.

It’s The RESULTS of how many people you are talking to every day, how often do you promote or market your business. How many people click your links, how much have you invested in your knowledge, acquiring new skills, and what money making activities have you been doing?



You can change a habit. You can change habit today!

You have to focus on your habits because you can’t change results without changing your habits. Sabihin natin na sa isang araw meron kang nakakausap na mga prospects or mga tao 0-9 lang hindi yan sapat para magkaroon ng reuslt. (Paalala ko lang magkaiba ang prospecting sa marketing). Kung 0-9 na ta lang ang nakakusap mo araw-araw ang ibig sabihin nyan, either kulang sa knowledge or hindi ka consistent.

Dito nasisira ang maraming marketers at online business onwers. Buong akala basta sasali ka lang ng business wala ka ng gagawin at aaralin. Online business or any business is nto easy, kasi ang success doesn’t happen over night. Kaya ‘wag akng maniniwala sa mga taon magsasabi sa’yo na kapag sumali ka sa kanya 3 months to 6 months yayaman ka na.

You need to invest on your:

  • Traning
  • Acquire new skills
  • System
  • Mentor / Coach
  • Knowledge
  • Tools
  • Attend webinars/seminars
  • To get RESULT faster!

Sabihin na natin na meron ka ng skill set, trust, rapport, background at credibility, ang gagawin mo na lang ay i-aaply ito, initiate the action, take a massive action. People enter

online business at diffrent level. Ibig sabihin meron mga tao na meron na nitong skills pero takot gawin, meron din na alam din ito pero puro salita wala namang action!

Again, hindi madali ang online business kaya dapat ‘wag natin sinasabi sa mga tao na madali lang ito. Instead sabihin natin na kahit meron kang pang invest meron

ka parin gagawin at hindi ka lang uupo at maghihintay na kumita ka. Walang ganun na business. You need to work and if you don’t like working on your business, this might not br for you.

It requires commitment, it may be simple but itis not easy!

Make it a habit to have at least 2-3 hours spending time on your business. Everyone is looking for that magic pill or the shortcut to be successful, I hate to burst your bubbles but there is no secrets or shortcuts in any business.


Gusto mo bang malaman kung pano ko nata-track angmga results ko?

Meron ka bang existing business ngayon na hirap ka pa rin amgka-result?

Wala bang nag gu-guide sa’yo para mapabuti ang business mo?

Kulang ka ba sa marketing skills?

Meron ka bang ginagamit na system?

Newbie ka ba?

Kung kahit isa dyan sa mga tanong na nabasa at kelangan mo, mag comment ka sa baba nitong post page or message mo ako meron akong ipapakita sa’yo na alam kong malaki ang maitutulong sa business mo.


Bennymolinas – Business Coach – http://bennymolinas.com








Do I Need To Invite People In This Business?

Do I Need To Invite People In This Business?

Many people who has experience with a traditional sales and business opportunity are asking…
“Do I Need To Invite People In This Business?”
“Kaylangan ko bang mag-invite ng mga tao?”
The answer is NO!
Hindi mo kaylangang mag-invite or kumausap ng mga tao.
Unity Network is not MLM or Network Marketing where you need to invite and talk to people. You also don’t have to present or sell anything.

How Do YOU Make Money In This Business?

Unity Network business model is called affiliate marketing. And to make money with this business model (affiliate marketing), your only goal is to make people click your affiliate link.

That affiliate link is unique and coded to you. This is how we identify who refers a new customer. This is how we know who gets the commission.

When people clicks your link, the system and the marketing will immediately take over.

Our system will do all the selling, the follow up and the upselling process for you. When they make a purchase, that is where you earn a commission.

Your commission will depend on what product(s) your referral bought and what membership level you are in.

What’s The Difference Of Inviting and Promoting?

Inviting is a one to one process. Ito yung kakausap ka ng mga KKK mo. Kakilala, Kamaganak, Kaibigan para alukan ng products at business mo. This approach is usually teach in Network Marleting and MLM types of business model. We do NOT do this and we do NOT recommend this approaches because you can not scale your business with it.

Promoting however is one to many process. You are marketing to many people. Some example of promotions that you can do is by publishing content on the internet, placing ads on facebook or youtube, sending emails to a subscriber list, hosting live video broadcast like FB live and more. This is what we teach our students because it is more effecient and it’s scalable. You can reach more people fast using this approach and you can grow your business much quicker.

Again your goal when you promote is not to sell the products of Unity Network. Your goal is to make people click your affiliate link, then the system will do the rest.


The One Thing Successful People Don’t Have…?

The One Thing Successful People Don’t Make…Excuses!

Sadly most entrepreneur don’t even make it past 120 days. They quit.
Not everyone in this world is cut out for owning their own online business
or magiging successful.

so what really makes the difference?

Masyadong Maraming Dahilan (EXCUSES)

Sa lahat ba ng ginagawa mo sa buhay palagi kang may excuse?

Kung ikaw ang isang tao na making excuses, it’s time to shift your MINDSET. Walang business owner or entrepreneur na naging
successful dahilan sa excuses. They make things happen regardless
of the situation or circumstances.

Ito a mga dahilan kung bakit ang mga successful entrepreneur
ay hindi guamagawa ng dahilan (Excuses):



Karamihan ng tao ginagamit ang excuses para hindi nila sisihin ang
sarili sa pag katalo or ibang tao ang sinisisi nila dahilan sa mga dapat
nilang gagawin pero hindi naman ito ginawa. Excuses are just lies wrapped
up more neatly in reasons. The real reason was, it wasn’t a priority!

For example:
Taon-taon marami ang nagsasabi sa sarili na ang goal nila ay mag exercise,
pero ‘pag oras na ng exercise madalas guamgawa na ng excuses at hindi na ito nagagawa. You need to priorities your goal and align it with things
you enjoy.

Gusto mong magpalaki ng katawan pero di mo naman trip ang pag punta
ng gym or magbuhat ng mga barbels baka kelangan mong baguhin ang
goal mo. If you enjoy the process of reaching the goal, the process will
become a priority, and the priorities get accomplished!


Kung wala kang leadership mindset mas madali sa’yo ang gumawa ng mga
excuses, kasi mas gugustuhin mo pang maglaro ng video games, manood
the teleserye shows instead na ginagawa mo ang mga priorities mo. If you
are thinking like a leader, what you ant or don’t want to do is presently
irrelevant. It is the end goal that matters.

Yung mga bagay ba na iniiwasan mo nakaka-dagdag ng mga value
sa goal ng buhay mo?

Yes ba sabi mo?
Then you should do it, regardless of your present desires. Instant pleasure
is for the weak at heart. Leaders are not shortsighted, leaders know they
will have to make sacrifices to achieve the end result. Kung kailangan mong
gawin ang isang bagay para sa ikabubuti ng business mo gawin mo na lang
at ‘wag ka nang mag-isip pa ng excuses para hindi gawin ito.

Excuses are just a product of a lack of discipline, and discipline is just
remembering what it is that you really want.

Leaders are not affraid to fail.
Leaders accept responsibility.
Leaders don’t make excuses!

Here’s my personal definition of excuses:

excuses are the reason why people aren’t
where they want to be.

people excuses are the reasons why people aren’t
doing the things that they need to.

for every excuses you’re using not to do the things
that you want to do is the very same excuse that someone
else is using to kick your ass.

So the reality is, you can either make an excuse as to
why you can’t do it or you can use that exact same excuse
to go and do it anyway.

It’s Time To Get Serious And Stop Making Excuses!





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Muntik Na Ko Mag-Quit?

What if bigla kang naging successful?

What if biglang laki ng income ng business mo?

What if isa ka na sa mga top earner/

Isa ka na sa mga ini-idolo at hinahangaan ng ibang mga members natin?

All of a sudden hindi na problema ang pera sa’yo.

Parang imposible?

Akala ko din imposible ‘yun dati, pero ganito nangyare sa akin…

Dati wala din akong kinikita at wala din akong resulta. Tanong ko palagi…

“Bakit yung iba kumikita na ako hindi pa din?”

Muntik na ko mag-quit. Akala ko hindi para sa’kin ang business na ‘to. Buti na lang may isang ginawa akong kakaiba. Nung ginawa ko yun, dun ao nagsimulang kumita. Nagsimula akong magkaroon ng resulta.

Hindi ko makakalimutan yung first time ko kumita. Kakagising ko lang nun at nag-check ako ng email ko at nakalagay sa email na may income ako. Pag open ng email, kumita ko ng P1,000 pesos. Ang sarap ng pakiramdam.

Buti na lang ginawa ko yung isang kakaiba na yun. Hanggang ngayon ginagawa ko pa din yun. At dahil dun…kumita ‘ko ng sunod-sunod na ang kinikit ko.

Alam mo ba kung ano yun?


here’s why…

Sa business kaylangan mo ng mag-ga-guide at susuporta sa’yo. Hindi mo kaylangan mag-isa ka. Mas maganda pag may tutulong sa’yo, kasi iba talaga pag may coach ka.

Ang Coach mo…

  • Hahanap ng pinaka-best technique
  • Mapapansin yung mga mali mong ginagawa
  • Mabibigyan ka n’ya ng advice kung pano ka mag-i-improve
  • At marami pang iba!

Ito ang isang legitimate online business na kapag nag-join ka magkakaroon ka ng…

  • 10 Step Training
  • 1 On 1 Personal Coach
  • Complete-Done-For-You-System
  • Lahat ng kakailanganin mo to have a profitable online business

Galing di ba?

Ito ang gawin mo, puntahan mo itong website na ibibigay ko sa’yo, kasi baka ito na yung makakatulong sa’yo para kumita ng mabilis at malaki sa business mo.










Gusto Mong Sumali Pero Wala Kang Pera?

Maniniwala ka ba kung sasabihin ko sa’yo na kapag may problema may solusyon?

Ang una mong gagawin ay alamin muna kung ano yung pinagmumulan ng problema. Sa tingin mo bakit problema ang pera sa pagsali sa gusto mong business? Ngayon lang ba naging problema ito o matagal ng taon?

Gusto mo bang malaman kung bakit?

Kung hindi ka gagawa ng paraan ngayon malamang habang buhay mo itong po-problemahin. Ang isang balde na may butas sa ilalim, kahit anong gawin mo pagbubuhos ng tubig hindi mapupuno. Gumawa ka ng paraan takpan yung butas sigurado mapupuno mo ito ng tubig. Tama ba?

Kailangan magkaroon ka ng pagbabago sa buhay. Pagbabago na ikagaganda ng buhay mo at ng pamilya mo. Isang paraan na pag-babago ay kung ikaw ngayon ay nagta-trabaho at kumikita ka ng P10,000 a month at ang lumalabas na pera ay P10,000 din kasi sa mga binabayarang bills, bahay, kuryente, tubig, pagkain at kung ano-ano pa!

Hindi mo mako-kontrol yan, ang tawag dyan ay “needs”. Pero meron kang isang bagay na pwedeng kontrolin, yun ay ang pagkita ng extra income. Bakit hindi dagdagan ang pumapasok na pera buwan buwan.

Sabihin nating gumawa ka ng paraan ngayon para makasali sa isang online business at mga susunod na buwan ay kumikita ka ng extra income of P5,000. Sa tingin mo ba malaking tulong ito sa’yo na buwan buwan ganito ang kinikita mo?

Ngayon nabayaran mo na yung inutang mong pera para makapagsimula ng online business, meron ka na ngayong business na dagdag income mo. At ang mga susunod na kikitain, mo pwede ka na ngayong makapag ipon.  Mangyayare lang ang lahat ng yan kung ngayon pa lang ay gagawa ka na ng hakbang pang solusyon.

Ang P5,000 per month sa totoo lang kayang- kaya mong gawin kung talagang desidido kang makuha ito. Lalo kung ang gagamitin mo ang system na ginagamit ko. Isang system na nandito na lahat ng kakailanganin mo to start a profitable online business.

A Complete business system with…
– 10 steps training
– 1 on 1 coaching
– Ready made websites
– Ready made sales videos
– Ready made contents
– Done for you system

Walang kang makikitang system tulad nito!

Kaya kabayan, Kung talagang gusto mong magkaroon ng solution ang problema mo, gawan mo na ng paraan habang maaga pa. Nang sa ganun sa mga susunod na taon hindi na magiging problema sa’yo. Huwag mong palampasin ang isang opportunity na magbibiagay sa’yo ng time freedom at financial freedom!

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Bakit Maraming Mahirap Na Pilipino?


Bakit maraming mahirap na Pilipino?
Lalong yumayaman ang mayayaman,
at lalong naghihirap ang mahihirap!

Ang tanong, saan ba nagsimula ‘tong problema na ‘to?

Tingin ko sa eskwela!

Kaya madaming naghihirap simple lang…
Wala kasing nagtuturo kung pano yumaman!
Yung mga tinuturo sa eskwela ay panay mga subject na hindi mo naman magagamit sa tunay na buhay.
Lalong hindi mo magagamit sa pagyaman.

Sige ikaw tanungin ko…
Kaylan ka nagsukat gamit yung mga inaral mo sa algebra?

May kinita ka bang pera dyan?

Di ba may kasabihan na kung anong tinanim syang aanihin?

Kaya madaming mahirap kasi walang nagtanim sa isipan ng mga Filipino pano yumaman.
Our school system needs to be fix.
Parang ginawa ang eskwela para maging pabrika ng mga rmpleyado.

Ang tanong, anong gagawin mo?
Papayag ka bang habang buhay na maging empleyado?
Tumandang nagtratrabaho?

May dalawang options ka ngayon.

Kung ikaw papipiliin, anong gusto mo?

Option A:
Gawin mo ang masa, walang ginagawa.
Hinahayaan lang nila na tumanda sila na walang ipon at walang pera.
Hinayaan na lang nilang yumaman ang mga mayayaman habang naghihirap ang mga mahihirap.


Option B:
Alamin mo kung ano yung nalalaman ng mga mayayaman para makopya mo yung ginagawa nila.
Kung ayaw mong matulad sa madaming pinoy na tatandang walang ipon at walang pera.

Kaylangan mo i-educate ang sarili mo.
Watch This VIDEO & Start Educating Yourself!




Ang mentor or coach ay isang tao na magbibigay s’yo ng payo kung ano yung makakabuti para sa business mo. Isang tao na narating na yung goal na gusto mong marating. Isang tao na mag gu-guide para maging successful ka sa ginagawa mo.

A mentor can help you make better decisions and avoid unnecessary defeats. Sila ang makakatulong para ma-identify, at maintindihan kung ano ang alam mo at kung alin ba dapat ang i-leverage para kumita at mapabuti ang business mo.

When to Hire Someone

Unang- una, kung nagsisismula ka pa lang sa business mo at wala ka pang alam, ang dapat na hanapin mo ay isang taong makakatulong s’yo na ‘di ka sisingilin para turuan ka n’ya. Kasi ang mga mentors or coaches, sila yung magbibigay ng isang napaka importanteng bagay pano mag focus at magkaroon ng tamang mindset.

Ngayon kung ikaw naman ay meron ng online business at sa palagay mo ginawa mo na ang lahat pero hindi ka pa rin kumikita, isa yang sign na kailangan mo ng isang taong magtuturo s’yo kung ano ang dapat mong gawin. ‘Wag kang mahiyang magtanong!

Karamihan sa atin, pagdating na sa pangangailangan ng tulong sa ibang tao, umiiral ang EGO. Mga taong “wanna be” pero wala naman talagang alam.

Who’s the Right Person?

If you’re trying to lose weight or get fit, would you hire a cook?

If you’re trying to become successful in an online business, would you hire a mentor that didn’t have an online business?

Do you get the point now?

The person you hire should be a match for the solution you desire. Hindi ka dapat mag hire ng mentor just for the sake of hiring someone. At kapag meron kang nakitang mentor or coach, ‘wag mo expect na wala kang babayaran, sa panahon ngayon wala ng libre. Not unless na sasabihin s’yo nung mentor mo na gusto ka lang nyang tulungan ng libre. SWERTE MO!

Kasi ang mga professional mentor, mag consult ka lang sa kanila meron ng bayad. Some will charge you from $100 a month and up to $10,000 or more. Unfortunately, pag meron ka ng na hire na mentor, meron ka na ring pang bayad sa kanya, ngayon naman you have to play by his/her rule.

Kaya ganyan kalaki ang singil sa pag me-mentor, kasi ang binabayaran mo ay yung makukuha mong results.

Ngayon, meron akong tanong sa’yo…

Gaano ka ba ka-seryoso sa business mo?

Gusto mo bang matututo ng mga marketing skills?

Gusto mo bang malaman ang alternative way kung pano magkaroon ng mentor or personal coach na walang bayad?

Isang personal coach na magtuturo at mag gu-guide s’yo para maging successful ka sa business mo?

Willing ka bang matuto at coachable ka ba?


Kung “YES” at nahihirapan kang kumita sa business mo, meron akong maitutulong s’yo. Meron akong isang system na ginagamit at itong system na ‘to kumikita ako kahit hindi ako nag bebenta. Isang system na meron 10 step training at meron kang personal coach!


Ang tawag dito sa system na ‘to ay…


A complete home-based online business with…

  • 10 Step Training
  • 1 On 1 Persona Coach
  • Ready Made Websites
  • Ready Made Sales Videos
  • Ready Made Contents
  • Done for You System


Can This System Really Help You?

Ipapakita ko sa’yo kung pano ka matutulungan ng system kumita agad at kumita ng Malaki.








This is a legitimate online business, rehistrado at merong mga legalities.

Ang gagawin mo lang ngayon kung gusto mong magkaroon ng automated system na may kasamang personal mentor/coach, ay mag apply ka. Punta ka dito sa website na ibibigay ko, tignan mo kung meron pang available spot na bakante. Kasi hindi para sa lahat itong system, ang kinukuha lang naming yung talagang seryoso at massive action taker na i-apply lahat ng matututuhan.

At kung meron pang bakante ganito ang gagawin mo…

  • Punta ka sa website na bibigay ko
  • Mag register ka for FREE
  • Bayaran mo yung ONE TIME FEE
  • Tapos, magkakaroon ka ng access sa system

At makakausap mo na yung personal coach mo.



What’s Stopping You?…

What's Stopping You From Starting Your Own Online Business?

Many people dream of owning or want to start an online business, but never actually make it happen. There’s always an excuse as to why: You don’t have money, don’t know anything about business, the list goes on and on.

You don’t have the startup capital?

Of course, you’ll need money to get you started in an online business, but there’s some good program you can join with little money involve. Most are ascending products, like you can join for life membership and upgrade later on to higher back-end product.

You don’t have a Business experience or degree?

Many people assume you need a degree in business to run one, but that’s not even true. It’s an advantage to have though, but it’s nothing you can’t teach yourself.  A good program would be an offer with system training and someone will help you and guide you in the process.

There are too many competitors?

If you’re considering starting a business that sells beauty products, for example, then sure, there are hundreds if not thousands of other companies doing the same thing. But don’t let that stop you. Instead, come up with your competitive advantage. Find ways to make your online business stand out.

You don’t know what to market?

As we enter 2017, as suspected, it’s a year of digital products and automation. For example: there’s some program now that offers digital training and tools you can use to start your own profitable online business, it’s done system for you with everything you will need to be successful.

You’re afraid of risk?

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid risk. It’s everywhere, you even have it when you’re working a “stable” 9 to 5. Becoming an online business owner does come with little or high risk, but as they say the is worth the reward. Plan your goal ahead, have a mindset focus on the benefit you’ll have from owning your own online business. You’ll be doing something you love, have flexible hours, and have the opportunity to make more money than you ever have!

You don’t know how to market?

Every business needs customers, your business is dead in the water if you don’t have visitors or traffic into it. There are ways to market your business in different channels. You can DIY by learning new skills like social media and blogging. Facebook is the best in all social media, with a good content and value will surely get some of your friends and families attention.

Can’t decide which business you want to get in?

Here’s one that I discovered recently. Exclusively for Filipino people word wide especially our OFW kababayan. A done system for anyone that wants to start their online business journey or just struggling to make money online. This newly launched system will come with everything you will need to have a profitable online business. From content to video training, 1 on 1 coaching to teach and guide you, FREE websites and tools you can use, all in one system.

Those I mentioned to me are all bonuses, because if you finished your 10-step training and followed all your coach’s suggestion and didn’t make money? Get this, WE WILL PAY YOU P5,000.00 PESOS FOR JUST TRYING OUR SYSTEM!

A simple and strong promised that you will make money using the system or we will pay you P5,000 Pesos Cash!


Still Struggling To Built Your Online Business?