Revsharezone Is Created By The Asenso Method, Who Are Inspired By Being Successful In An Online Business. We, As A Team Will Provide You With Some Unique Values of  Information Becoming Successful In An Online Business. We started as an affiliate marketer and as we go along our journey, somehow we ended up being in the revenue sharing program. Knowing revenue sharing have a high risk involve but we ignored it and join anyway. We were lead by someone who really treats us nice and good. And that was all for a show if you know what I mean. To make the long story short, after putting some money and time with the program suddenly this guy disappeared…

And the rest was history!

So, let it be known there are still people out there doing these kinds of things. Please be very careful joining any program, go with your gut feeling all the time. Do your research and take your time. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.