What’s Your Ideal Day?

Do you know the difference between winners and losers?

Winners know who they are. They know where they are coming from, and they know where they are going. That’s called direction. They have a clear goal.

Losers, on the other hand, say “Oh what I could have been if only I had the chance.”…Yet when you ask them what they want, they will clearly tell you, “more money.”

Ask them what they would do with that money and they don’t even know.

The thing is, you need to stay focused on what you want. You have to continually remind yourself of that, otherwise, you will be going in all directions off course.

There are a lot of DISTRACTIONS out there:

  • The News.
  • Bright Shiny Objects, full of promises you’ll be a millionaire next month.
  • Facebook…Yup!
  • Your Cell Phone…Yup Again!
  • People telling you that your business is a SCAM!

You need to learn how to get that out of your “Ideal Day.” 

Here’s how to create an ideal day if you haven’t created one.

First, you need to know exactly what it is that you really want. If you want success, you have to stay on the success path.

Seriously, this is the important part. Take 10 minutes and go write it down the things that you really want to achieve.

If you can’t take 10 minutes to dream about what you want, that’s an indication that you’re too busy to be free and have the freedom.

Here, I’ll help you get started:

  • If you didn’t have a boss ________
  • If you didn’t have to go to a job everyday _______
  • If you didn’t need to work to pay for your bills because they are already covered _______

You get the idea now?

What would you do?

What would that day look for you?

Maybe you’ll wake up in the morning go to the gym and then go out for a fancy breakfast. Then you go to a local spa to get a full body massage, go to lunch after and you still have the whole afternoon to play some golf. Then go and treat your whole family to a nice dinner somewhere in Manila

How would that sound and feel?…Ang sarap di ba?


Now, pin that list up where you can see it every day. More importantly, you must read it every day.  Whenever you feel down and quitting, look at your piece of paper and ask yourself, “Will this take me closer to my ideal day?”

If not…well, then you know what to do.

The way you strengthen your purpose is to create that clear image of your “Ideal Day.”

To Your Success

Benny Molinas | Unity Net Business Coach

P.S. Take this seriously and spend the time writing it down.

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